about our civilization

What are the global challenges?

What are the societal problems? 

What is the evidence of an impending collapse?

Why do current food, energy, materials and resource systems need to be replaced?

about global system errors and solutions

about wisdom

about adult wisdom augmentation

How can reduced working time by two hours a day be designed to develop wisdom?

How can digital outdoor communication be used to develop wisdom?

How can digital media be used to develop wisdom?

How can a changed agenda setting and journalism in the daily press promote the development of wisdom?

How can wisdom be developed in the Parliament and government officials?

Will wisdom augmentation not take too long?

about child/youth wisdom augmentation

What can a reformed education system look like?

How can a peaceful civil defense duty, for young people aged 16-25, benefit the development of wisdom?

about a future civilization

Why are future visions important?

What is resilience?

What is permaculture?

What are the UN's 17 sustainability goals?

How does a sustainable society work?

What can a vision of the future look like?

What can a new food, energy, resource and production system look like?

What can a global development model look like?

What can a new economic paradigm look like?

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