What is the evidence of an impending collapse?

There is always a natural reason for everything that happens

The evidence of an impending collapse are, among others:

  • More and more serious global challenges and societal problems
  • Political passivity (populism, extremism, short-term action, marginal change)
  • Quarterly economy
  • Degenerated values ​​(egoism, consumerism, etcetera)
  • Increased social entropy (divorce, conflict, abuse, ill health, protests, terrorism, etcetera)
  • Reduced holistic view (fragmented media reporting, increased specialization)
  • High consumption instead of sustainable long-term investments
  • Poor health (sick leave, early retirement, general health, drug consumption)
  • Extensive exploitation of limited natural resources
  • Heavy bureaucracy and oversized legal system
  • Growing class differences and concentration of power
  • Extreme specialization (> 2500 occupations, educational problems)
  • Low resilience to "disturbances" (super strong solar storm, financial crash, pandemic, fuel shortage, etcetera)
  • Real political control is outside the Parliament (specialists, companies, elite, media)
  • State and private surveillance is growing rapidly
  • The security and insurance industry is booming
  • Life is experienced hard, insecure and meaningless
  • Welfare works worse and worse (health care, care for the elderly, infrastructure, sickness compensation, etcetera)
  • Poverty is increasing and becoming more visible (beggars, social security contributions, more young people living with parents)
  • Indebtedness increases (private, state)
  • The education system is falling apart (lower study results, outdated knowledge, stressed students)
  • Economic decadence (loan-financed consumption, consumption abuse, long journeys, luxury cars, etcetera)
  • Increased loneliness and superficial e-relationships (social media)
  • Traditions diminish in importance (indifference)
  • Morality decays (internet porn, trafficking, sex habits)
  • Corruption is increasing (companies, municipalities, state)
  • Drugs are decriminalized (in some countries)
  • Diminished quality in art, music, culture, literature, philosophy, fashion, TV programs, etcetera.
  • Destruction increases (windows, arson, etcetera)
  • Nationalism, racism and discrimination increase (political extremes)
  • The legitimacy of international authorities decreases (UN, EU, etcetera)
  • War does not end (constant conflicts)
  • Increased polarization (city/country, left/right, rich/poor, etcetera)
  • Police do not manage their work (private security guards, walls, surveillance, volunteer guards)
  • The rule of law is declining (overload, corruption, fear of testifying)
  • Animal ethics declines (meat factories, antibiotics, long transports of animals)
  • Widespread greed (severance pay, CEO salaries, bonuses, etc.)
  • Accelerating rate of change

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