What values, virtues, human needs and feelings are there?

The human brain is plastic and can be trained to be both wise and unwise

We humans cannot make decisions without involving values, virtues and human needs, and the emotions they evoke. In the development of wisdom, it is important to raise awareness of values, virtues and human needs and understand how they, and their opposite, affect ourselves and the social environment. Examples of these are:

Acceptance, responsibility, courtesy, authenticity, mercy, contentment, dependence, touch, determination, determination, service, education, modesty, empathy, commitment, simplicity, enthusiasm, sensitivity, flexibility, peace, serenity, serenity, freedom, piety, glorification, forgiveness, mercy, understanding, community, generosity, joy, honor, helpfulness, hope, humor, health, devotion, consideration, idealism, perseverance, initiative, inspiration, integration, integrity, zeal, equality, clarity, creativity, love, play, accommodation, loyalty, obedience, sensitivity, food, compassion, participation, meaningfulness, courage, exercise, humanity, diversity, moderation, curiosity, presence, grace, independence, judgment, caring, caring, optimism, orderliness, order, strength, privacy, purity, resilience, respect, righteousness, justice, cooperation, togetherness, cohesion, self-discipline, independent, independence, protection, joke, harmony, beauty, sense of beauty, freedom of sorrow, stability, strength, perseverance, support, mourn, gratitude, reliability, trust, tolerance, well-being, faith, faithfulness, fidelity, credibility, security, patience, attention, sacrifice, sincerity, appreciation, perseverance, expression, freedom of choice, water, rest, wisdom, certainty, kindness, dignity, warmth, reverence, honesty, humility, reciprocity, openness.

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