How do we save our civilization?

A civilization is just two meals from chaos

In order for our civilization to survive and achieve true sustainability, we need a radical change in our way of life. The food, resource, energy, and production systems must be replaced with sustainable ones. The energy consumption per person in rich countries must also be drastically reduced. 

When the general wisdom level is low in society, there is no ability to fully understand the totality of the challenges, the system error, what solutions are sensible and the way to act wisely. Instead, conflicts, countermeasures, slander, populism, indifference, fleeing behavior, and other behaviors arise that counteract all kinds of necessary changes. This is the reason why problems grow every year.

A civilization can thus never be anything other than a mirror image of the collective wisdom. This deep reflection means that humanity has no alternative than to augment the citizens' wisdom with all the tools available. Otherwise, we can not expect the solutions to come about, become globally sustainable in the long term or be complied with.

As individual and collective wisdom increases, all citizens such as voters, opinion leaders, consumers, investors, entrepreneurs, information, organizations, politicians, etcetera will have greater insight, acceptance and commitment to be able to constructively discuss and decide on more radical changes in society that lead to a truly sustainable society.

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