What can a global development model look like?

A successful global development model can only rest on wisdom

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Author: Christer Nylander

Date 2021-10-21

Sweden shows the way

Wisdom4future is convinced and hope that wisdom development among adults, young people and children, and other proposals, will spread to other countries. By making Sweden a pioneering country that can show a number of advantages with the development model, other countries can be inspired to copy the concept.

The UN's 17 sustainability goals at the center

Given the economic and social conditions that prevail in different countries, Wisdom4future wants to inspire a global holistic development model, which can strongly contribute to the fulfillment of the UN's 17 global sustainability goals. The model is radical but not impossible to implement, but should probably not be implemented until Sweden has shown success in its own transformation and wisdom development.

The cornerstones of the model

As the proposed global development model is not intended to be implemented until the early 2030s, the technology has developed considerably until then, and new applications have been added. Hence a more advanced proposal below.

Wisdom development
As in Sweden, the main focus in the global development model is wisdom development and then mainly through an education system based on MOOCs and personal digital assistants (PDAs), both based on artificial intelligence (AI).

Personal digital assistants
The goal is to establish a daily individualized communication with a personal AI-based PDA (avatar) that primarily provides help with wisdom development, but also assistance with purchasing, preparation for meetings, information search, updating CV, job search, consultative/direct democracy, health monitoring, etcetera. The PDA gives each individual a completely unique experience adapted to their context and conditions.

Free education and wisdom development for all
To accelerate a global transformation, all education, wisdom development, internet connection and necessary IT tools should be offered free of charge to everyone on the planet. The return on this investment is many times greater than the investment. The education system could be conveniently located in a global hub, for example within the UN, where funding, democracy and data integrity can be ensured. Through AI-based MOOCs, individualized education can be offered based on all personal and cultural conditions. It also means that people can educate themselves regardless of time, place and financial resources. Free education facilitates retraining of citizens as well as lifelong learning. 

Sharing society
In addition to a comprehensive local sharing community, the global IT platform, which Wisom4future calls the "Drivers of Change Platform" (DOCP), will allow efficient national and international sharing of construction drawings, best solution techniques, research results, statistics, lectures, books, machines, culture, etcetera.

Global democracy
When wisdom development has been going on for a few years, it is proposed that consultative democracy be introduced. The DOCP will be able to include opportunities for all citizens to get involved in societal issues, from local to international.

Global practical collaboration
The DOCP also enables people who want to help in various projects to do this by matching skills with needs, at both local, regional, national and international levels.

Global labor market
The labor market of the future is likely to be more project-based. Through AI, the global labor demand can be effectively matched with the supply. In addition, the help of millions of experts will be needed in various places on the planet in the global transformation, and the DOCP will save a lot of time, energy and transportation. 

English as a world language
About 30 percent of the world population already speaks English and about 85 percent of the technical and academic literature on the Internet is written in this language. Enormous benefits would be gained if everyone spoke English as a first or second language in the form of reduced conflicts, easier trade, improved communication, more cost-effective training, simpler documentation, minimized translation, more rational international media reporting, and so on. AI based language training can greatly facilitate education in the English language. If AI based language translation is minimized on internet, it will save bandwidth.

New food, energy, materials and production system
The DOCP can help in building a new global food, energy, materials and production system, around cities and communities. All types of agroforestry methods, system design, cultivation methods, biogas technology, materials technology, etcetera, as well as seed and plant materials, can be exchanged between countries.

Global culture
By offering a variety of cultural events on the DOCP, all people on the planet can enjoy high quality entertainment, regardless of time and place. This is an important part of individual development and satisfaction, but also an important factor, together with local self-sufficiency, to accelerate de-urbanization.

Games based on the UN's 17 sustainability goals
Finally, it is proposed to develop new computer games for young people and adults, which focus on the UN's 17 sustainability goals. It can be a fun, interesting and developing way to learn about the planet, add creative ideas and at the same time gain wisdom development.

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