What are the global challenges?

The human is today a highly invasive species on the planet. We are everywhere, consuming the earth's readily available resources, and our perceived "success" kills and destroys the conditions of life.

There are currently 50-100 global challenges, depending on how you define them. Every global challenge within the economics, technology, geopolitics, environment and social area, has the potential to create domino effects that, in the worst case, cause our civilization to collapse. Mankind's greatest challenge is thus not, for example, climate change but the total risk of all global challenges.

Economic risks - deflation in several countries - major financial institution fails - confidence in the dollar as a world currency ends - large deficit in significant countries - liquidity crisis - oil price shock - high unemployment - unmanageable inflation

Environmental risks - drought - flood - hurricanes - fresh water shortage - lack of fertilizer - heat - destroyed unique production unit - ecosystem collapse - multiple earthquakes - nuclear accident - oil spill - overfishing - pesticides - high water level - forest fires - soil erosion - solar eruption with or above Carrington level 

Geopolitical risks - failure to lead civilization - rising corruption and crime - oil embargo / fuel disruption - political collapse of nation - major terrorist attack - weapons of mass destruction

Social risks - animal disease - multi-resistant diseases (MRS) - food shortages - large migration - pandemic - social instability - large income gap - unmanageable welfare diseases

Technological risks - collapse of infrastructure - genetic technology - internet attacks - data theft - nanotechnology - robots - power grid - super intelligence - synthetic biology - neurotechnology - new weapon technologies - virtual reality - metamaterial - swarm technology - technological experiment - mobile radiation

Black swans (undetected risks)

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