What does accelerated adult wisdom augmentation (AWA) means?

Wisdom is the opposite of indoctrination. In the former, there is the ability to make wise decisions regardless of the situation that arises. In the latter, someone else has decided what is wise to do in a particular situation.

There are thousands of ways to train adult development, and in our everyday lives we experience several of them. Normally, a person's wisdom increases only marginally during a lifetime. This is partly due to the fact that existing thought patterns are difficult to break and partly due to the way society functions, which today floods people's brains with advertising and media drama. These are based on values ​​such as greed, pride, laziness, lust, envy, gluttony and anger.

Our proposal for adult wisdom development sets aside one hour per day for this process, which is very radical. So even if the process itself usually is slow, the total time volume makes it relatively fast. The effectiveness also largely depends on which tools are used in activities related to wisdom development.

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