We need new political parties!


Why do we need new political parties when we already have many in Parliament? Why not join an existing party and try to make an impact? Why start a new political party when it is so incredibly difficult to get into the Parliament? These are some of the questions we should be asking ourselves, because Sweden needs a much stronger and wiser political leadership for the future than the current one.

For many citizens, the Swedish political system is probably a role model that works better than in many other countries. But the fact is that it is permeated by top-down control, sandbox debates, passivity, hierarchy, bullying, silencing, cowardice and a range of other less desirable behaviors. In practice, this means that a very small group of MPs govern Sweden. This is not only undemocratic but deeply unfortunate because the collective competence and diversity within both the Riksdag and Sweden in general, is not used optimally. It is particularly worrying because Sweden and the planet are facing unprecedented global challenges and pressing societal problems that require extraordinary leadership.

But why not try to change existing political parties? I think it's extremely difficult because it's based on a long tradition, power interests and ingrained values. So what is likely to happen in Sweden and abroad? Sadly, global challenges will increase in severity and societal problems will become ever greater. We think we are moving towards more sustainability, but this is only an illusion. This means that we are approaching collapses of varying degrees of severity. In turn, this will increase frustration, polarization and discontent in the population.

The coming situation will open windows for new political forces, both good and evil. Unfortunately, it will be easiest for populist parties with easy solutions no matter how unwise they are. Therefore, it is crucial that new wise political parties are formed that have time to develop, both conceptually and in terms of number of supporters. By "wise" I mean parties that dare to think in new ways, that are long-term, humane, inclusive, and that understand holistic analysis and systemic solutions.

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