We do not live our own lives, and that is really sad!


Think about going on a vacation to Hawaii and spending all your time sitting looking at TV programs showing people on vacations. Does it not seems stupid and a waste of time? Nevertheless, this is how most people spend their free time through TV series, news, videos, pictures, blogs, posts, advertising and chatting about others.

Few people experience life by doing things themselves. What do I mean? It could be walks in nature, making things in wood, sailing, going on holiday, crocheting, socializing, participating in associations and a hundred different things.

Why is it so sad that people get almost all of their experiences from secondary sources? There are several reasons.

  • people miss the opportunity to a) experience authentic emotions b) feel sensations c) face challenges d) experience success and failures e) share adventures f) grow as individuals g) increase practical skills etcetera
  • people are tricked into feeling satisfied through short-term kicks that prevent them from engaging in things that are important in society, such as global challenges, societal problems, community and family
  • social skills are declining
  • sense of belonging is decreasing
  • sense of meaningfulness is decreasing
  • health is declining

That is why a balance between real experiences and secondary ones are very important. This change will not come automatically, but is a result of how we are raised as children, schooling, activities at family level, and how working life will be designed in the future.

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