10 tips for new political parties

  1. Think global, bold, long-term, radical, systemic and visionary. 
  2. Start from your own detailed global and national vision of the future. It requires you to think hard.
  3. Don't get involved in today's factual political debate. It will only lead to a dead end that will put you at a disadvantage.
  4. Focus on national long-standing personality/wisdom development. Explain in detail why and how.
  5. Announce that you intend to introduce in-depth personality tests on candidates for parliament, to be made public.
  6. Announce that you intend to transform society from a competitive to a collaborative system.
  7. Announce that you intend to develop a genuinely proactive society.
  8. Announce that you intend to fully investigate everything about covid 19.
  9. Announce your intention to seriously implement the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
  10. Announce that you intend to guarantee everyone in Sweden a paid job.

In this way, you will completely distinguish yourself from existing political parties and attract the attention of the people and hopefully media.

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